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Healthy. Sustainable. Affordable.

We need your opinion!

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We are students from Queen Mary University of London with a large goal to help save the planet - and all the ambition to get there.

BURG will transform the food industry to be better for the environment, and your health.  We are perfectly set up to disrupt the market by changing the public opinion on bug-based food.  We will encourage the transition of crickets from a common pest into a universal tasty, healthy and environmentally sustainable product with green packaging and lower impact on the environment than any other meat source.

We need your opinion!

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Having come from Malaysia and studying abroad in the UK, I'm who Burg leans on to make its debut in SE-Asia.
Undertaking a business degree has provided me with numerous skills centered around starting and optimising running a business, with numerous workshops and opportunities reinforcing entrepreneurship and public speaking skills.
"My passions and ultimate ambition
lies in wanting to help the world at large, which I believes Burg can do one bug-product at a time!"


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Born in Glasgow and moved to Bracknell at the age of 14, so starting something new and fresh has always been a strength of his.

The background of a law degree and years working in the food industry have given him insight into the type of company BURG will become.

He believes that the greatest changes are the most impactful, and that if there is anything people can rely on to positively impact the world, it is the good we can see all around.

"If no mission is too big, then let's save the world by changing it as positively as we can!"


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Born in Glasgow and a recent graduate of History, he is currently studying a postgraduate in Management with Enterprise and Business Growth at the University of Glasgow. With his colleagues at Burg, he will be able to pair his skills in business growth and strategic management with the needs of the company which focuses on sustainability and helping the environment.

"The current climate crisis, along with Glasgow hosting COP26, highlights how important this company is in playing a part in positively contributing to fixing the ecosystem."



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Having constantly been living in different countries and cities, eating various foods and living amongst different cultures, he is passionate about being healthy and living sustainably for all. Having done his undergraduate of Accounting and Business Management, he handles Burg's financial strategy and direction, with social responsibility being the basis of all decision making.

“I believe that by changing habits, such as deciding to eat crickets, we can positively influence human behaviour to reduce our ecological impact”


We are collecting feedback regarding burgers in general, through a short and quick questionnaire that you can complete in 30 seconds.

Your opinion is really important to us and we would be grateful if we could have minute of your time to access this link and answer few YES/NO .

We are working hard to transform the food industry to be better for the environment, and your health #burg

Thank you from the bottom of our heart 💚



The world is beginning to realise the environmental impacts of the growing agriculture industry.

We believe that saving the Environment and improving people’s quality of life can be done without affecting our diet; in fact it can even be the solution itself

We offer an alternative to conventional meat patties, made out of crickets which have astonishing environmental and health benefits compared to any other white, red and even alternative meats.

Our product is one of the healthiest products out there, without sacrificing cost or taste because our burger is, affordable, sustainable and delicious.

Our awesome Burger patties are not yet available for purchase but you can get in touch with us for more information or sign up to receive discounts on our products at launch!

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To answer this question, have a look at the following paragraphs ;)

Tropical Plant

Environmental benefits

We want to save the planet, one burger at a time

Cricket meat is an extremely eco-friendly food source, as recognised by the UN as well as countless scientific papers in the last decade. The main evidence for this is through its methane production (3000x less than cattle per kg), the water efficiency (50x less than cattle), land use (17x less than cattle, increasing depending on how the verticality of production buildings) and the feed conversion ratio (12x conventional livestock). All these things make cricket the best option in the most environmentally aware time since 1900 without any radical expensive technologies.

Health benefits

Feel good. Now. 

Crickets outperform traditional livestock in terms of protein, calcium, iron, fibre, omega 3 & 6 and vitamins, as well as being totally organic through use of sustainable feed.

Young Family

What does it taste like?

Don't worry, it will be just amazing.

House crickets are bred already in Indonesia for their taste, which has been combined with white pepper and soy sauce (for a shrimp-like taste) as well as sweetcorn, chickpeas, cumin, coriander, lemon and salt to taste for a burger recipe. Using inspiration from existing dishes in Indonesia, Burg has a unique taste which is just amazing.  


Let's talk about crickets!

Feel free to contact us anytime :) 

We need your opinion!

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